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Dirty Granny Tales – Telion´s Garden

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Like a Tim Burton movie brought to live

Dirty Granny Tales is an acoustic ensemble that narrates atmospheric stories. Their shows include puppet theatre, dance performance and video animation projection, all of which, accompanied by the music, bring the story to life.

Influenced by the atmospheric fairytales of Tim Burton and Guilermo Del Toro, the melodies of Danny Elfman, the irony of Tiger Lillies, The Residents´ sterile landscape, Japanese Gothic theatre and Butoh choreography, Dirty Granny Tales transports us to a magical dark world in their own extraordinary way.

The basic inspiration behind the story of Telion´s Garden is humankind’s tendency to emigrate. The story takes place at a time when our world is wrapped in flames. Creatures from a parallel reality visit our planet, offering desperate, frightened people a ticket to their own perfect world.

A trip to a heavenly garden surely beckons someone who sees everything around them being destroyed. In this garden people live in peace and harmony. Everything works perfectly there...
However, good is always accompanied by evil, they are two inseparable elements, with one dependent upon the other.

This is a very timely story, as despair is driving forcing many people today to leave their homes in flames. This is a story that investigates the futile quest for perfection in light of our suicidal nature.


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