Electric Castle 2018 - Festivalticket

Electric Castle 2018 - Festivalticket
Line-Up 2018 (bisher bestätigt): Damian Marley I London Grammar I Netsky I Valentino Khan | Quantic Music LIVE | JP Cooper | Wolf Alice | The Horrors | SAN HOLO | Nastia | Hospitality Night w/ High Contrast, London Elektricity, MAKOTO & Krakota... weiterlesen
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Line-Up 2018 (bisher bestätigt):

Damian Marley I London Grammar I Netsky I Valentino Khan | Quantic Music LIVE | JP Cooper | Wolf Alice | The Horrors | SAN HOLO | Nastia | Hospitality Night w/ High Contrast, London Elektricity, MAKOTO & Krakota | Northlane | Cancer Bats | Dubioza kolektiv | Fakear | Kris Kross Amsterdam | elrow Party I Jessie J | Richie Hawtin | Excision | Mura Masa | Groove Armada DJ set I Tchami | The Bloody Beetroots | Nothing but Thieves |
Raresh | Petre Inspirescu | Son Lux | Little Big | Kensington | Yonaka | Off Bloom I The Last Internationale | Dub Pistols | Elderbrook | Halott Penz | Kabatronics | Idles | Shiba San | Chris Lorenzo | Fabio Floride | Pillowtalk | Hayden James | Fran Palermo | Middlemist Red | DJ Cam | Romare | Buscemi | Boca 45
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Wenn der gefürchtete Graf Dracula aus seinem Sarg steigen und mal so richtig abfeiern wollte, dann hätte er es gar nicht weit: In Siebenbürgen, auch als Transsylvanien bekannt, steigt auf dem Gelände der Burg Bánffy in diesem Jahr erneut eine unvergessliche Sause. Hier kommen nicht nur Musikfreunde auf ihre Kosten – das Angebot umfasst auch Kunst, Technik und ein innovatives, visuelles Konzept.

Das erste Electric Castle fand 2013 statt, seitdem wird es jährlich veranstaltet. Musikalisch findet jeder Festivalbesucher garantiert etwas, denn das Programm ist bunt gemischt. So treten in dem hochkarätigen Line-Up Stars aus den Bereichen der elektronischen Musik, Hip-Hop, Indie, Rock, Reggae und vielem mehr auf. Für die härtesten und schlafresistentesten unter euch bietet das Electric Castle 24 Stunden Dauerbespaßung am Tag.

Die Party findet auf Bánffy Castle in Bon?ida statt, knapp 30 km nordöstlich von Rumäniens zweitgrößter Stadt Cluj-Napoca. Mit einem Teil der Einnahmen wird die Restaurierung und Instandhaltung der Burganlage finanziert. Packt also eure Taschen und pilgert in die Heimat des berühmtesten Vampirs, um dort in atemberaubender Kulisse zu feiern!


Electric Castle is a unique festival experience that takes place on the amazing domain of Banffy Castle, near Cluj-Napoca, in Transylvania.

It shakes up the way people interact with a festival by combing an eclectic musical lineup with arts, technology and a visually innovative concept.

Guests will be entertained from day to night and back again with one of Europe’s few truly 24-hour festivals. Electric Castle is set to be a full festival experience featuring street performers, stand-up comedy acts, the biggest and most elaborate production to date and a brand new set of areas and structures.

About the Castle:

Although it is probable that a mansion stood on the estate in the 14th and 15th Centuries, written evidence has been found dating only from the beginning of the 16th century.

According to a military report from 1680, fortifications had been built around the mansion, comprising of squared Renaissance ramparts with cylindrical corner towers. Dénes Bánffy (1638-1674), Lord Lieutenant of the counties of Dabâca and Cluj, brother-in-law of Prince Mihály Apafi, had the potential and the power to create such a large and imposing Renaissance castle. Count Dénes Bánffy (II) inherited the estate in 1735 at the age of 12. He spent his youth in Vienna and returned home as Master of the Horse to Maria Theresa. He began the Baroque reconstruction of the castle in 1747. The first stage of Dénes Bánffy’s reconstruction addressed the Court d’honneur. This was built between 1745 and 1751 on the area in front of the gatehouse. The new buildings containing a riding hall, stables, coach house and dwelling houses for servants were based on the style of the works related to the Viennese experience of the owner.

József Bánffy, ordered the demolition of the gatehouse of the Renaissance castle around 1820, and combined the Baroque and Renaissance courtyards. Stones of the gatehouse were used to build the mill beside the castle.

The last owner of the castle was Miklós Bánffy, his daughter Katalin Bánffy is the apparent heir, now living in Morocco. The consequences of the nationalization and the inadequate use of the buildings, as well as the lack of maintenance accelerated their degradation.

In the 1960´s the National Direction for Monument Conservation consolidated the main building. The funding of the restoration works was stopped after a short time. Its precarious condition has been officially recognized as it appears on the World Monuments Watch’s list of One Hundred Most Endangered Sites for 2000. The size, architectural and historic value, and degree of degradation of the castle make its restoration and use a complex task, which will only succeed with a proper long-term strategy and international co-operation.

The Romanian-Hungarian Covenant between the Ministry of Culture, Romania and the Ministry for National Cultural Heritage, Hungary signed in 1999 enabled funds to be directed towards the conservation of the castle.

Through the presence of the Transylvania Trust and the Institute of Historic Building Conservation, who are the organizers of the International Built Heritage Conservation Training Centre set up within the Castle, the high quality restoration and long term protection can be ensured.

In the longer term the ensemble will incorporate commercial units as well, such as restaurant, gift shop, café, hotel, and will also include conference facilities. The castle consists from: main building, Miklós building, former kitchen block, stables, gate building and the mill. The restoration of the castle depends on financial support.

Also Electric Castle is supporting the restoration process by donating an amount of the money earned from the tickets sale.